GateNoire - First Adult Metaverse RPG

About The Game

"It was supposed to be just another mission. It will be boring they said. They were wrong and now the world needs a new hero. Hero of a new kind. Bold, brazen and ballsy. However, first you have to deal with a memory loss of giant proportions and a hot nurse coming your way..."

Gate Noire aims to be an adult game like no other. Ultra realistic graphics and amazing sexual interactions are just the beginning. Our main goal is to create a living world, seamlessly interconnected by a strong backstory, but fuelled mainly by players themselves and by the content they choose to create. It's a world you can fully shape according to your wishes, where you can interact with players and NPCs however you desire. Role-playing of the highest order.

Captivating Stories

We are determined to create an adult game like no other. A believable world full of captivating stories to live through and characters to fall in love with.

User Driven Content

Don't just play the game. Shape it according to your desire and create your world within Gate Noire. We provide the tools, the rest is up to you.

Realistic Graphics and VR

Prepare a 4K monitor or your VR headset (upcoming) and be ready to get blown away by the AAA-grade graphics you are going to witness.

Sexual Content

What kind of adult game would it be without 18+ content? You will have the option to experience plenty of hot scenes.

Help us make Gate Noire possible

Support us on Patreon. Your voice can shape the fate of Gate Noire.


List of our key milestones that we will deliver as soon as possible based on our success with Patreon funding.

Playable alpha version

Our first goal is to bring you playable alpha version as soon as possible so you can experience the Eden we are trying to create and taste the forbidden fruit.

Virtual Reality Support

We want to add virtual reality support for you as soon as possible as it will allow you to enjoy Gate Noire on a whole different level. And before you ask, sexual encounters will be VR enabled as well.

World Hub Ready

World Hub is an unique space within Gate Noire. It connects original and user created worlds and provides story background for the entire Gate Noire. It will evolve and it will grow together with Gate Noire itself.

Creation Studio

Editor and tools allowing you to create your own worlds and stories within Gate Noire.

Multiplayer Support

Interacting with NPCs can get somewhat repetitive over time, but multiplayer comes to the rescue! Interact with real people and make ... connections.

And more. You decide

Our next milestones will be driven by you. We are not joking around. Your voice can really shape the fate of this project. Lets do this thing together.

Release Countdown

After the release we will be dropping public updates every 14 days. But you can skip the line by becoming our supporter on Patreon.
Download Alpha Version

Tech & Team

Unreal Engine 5

Gate Noire is using Epic's Unreal Engine 5 under the hood. It allows us to create environments in an unprecedented visual quality and detail.

Adult Digital Avatars

We are creating digital adult avatars that will allow you to fully customize and interact with them in every (and we mean it) possible way.

Modular Architecture

Project on this scale cannot be created overnight and therefore we opted for a fully modular approach. Gate Noire features and content can be gradually added via modules thanks to Unreal Engine 5.

We are a team of realtime graphics and game development professionals. For years we have been creating digital solutions for small and large clients but we always wanted to create a game of our own. With the recent technological advancements, our idea of Gate Noire was born.